E-Stim Options for AVA

AVA provides options for the remote use of e-stim devices. Compatibility across multiple devices has been a challenge to implement and so at the moment only E-Stim Systems boxes are supported.

The most reliably supported units for AVA come from E-Stim Systems UK. Founded in 2004 by e-stim enthusiasts and engineers they have a range of devices and electrodes to suit all levels of experience and budget. They also meet all the relevant safety standards, have excellent customer service and offer a lifetime guarantee on all their units.

They are based in the UK but ship worldwide.

The 2B™ Power Box is the most versatile and powerful choice of the compatible E-Stim devices. In combination with the E-Stim Connect pack it is possible to remotely control the 2B from anywhere in the world. It’s simple to set up right out the box and is the most compatible with AVA.

E-Stim Systems ABox

The The ABox is also a very capable power box, though less powerful than the 2B and slightly more complicated to set up on AVA. It cannot be controlled via E-Stim Connect but it is possible to use the audio function to some extent.

If you use the ABox with AVA you will not be able to use any of the sessions that involve sound for the timebeing.

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