Remote Chastity with Chastikey?

AVA has lock controls, but there is also the option to use the platform Chastikey.

Chastikey is a free app for Android and iOS that allows you to use a combination lock with a remote keyholder for chastity and self-bondage scenarios. You can also use it for solo-play.


How does Chastikey work?

Example screenshot from ChastikeyYou load a lock via a link or by scanning a QR code, or create one for yourself within the app. The locks can be a fixed time that you’ll know as soon as you load it, or a variable lock. Variable locks operate on a card drawing basis as a game of luck; you’ll be dealt a deck of different kinds of cards and you’ll get your release code after you collect the required number of green cards.

You will be given a chance to choose a card at fixed time intervals which can be as often as every 15 minutes up to once every 24 hours.

The cards are:

  • Green – can release your unlock code
  • Red – no action
  • Yellow – adds or removes red cards
  • Freeze – no chance to draw another card until the timer is unfrozen
  • Double up – doubles the remaining red and yellow cards
  • Reset – resets all the green, red and yellow cards

The numbers of each card in the deck change with every lock and may even change if you load the same lock more than once. If you are playing with an active keyholder they can also manipulate your deck (if you’ve agreed to this) and there’s even the option for them to decide to reset the deck even if you successfully complete the game.

For a more detailed guide you should visit the Chastikey Website

Make it easier to forget your code

Load the lock immediately before you are ready to use it

How do I use Chastikey as a lock?

Combination locks are generally too big to use directly in chastity play and it is unsafe to use them for self-bondage in the event that the app fails to work as planned. You can, however, use a combination lock to secure a small box containing your key so that you can only access it once the combination is revealed. In an emergency scenario you can always destroy the box.

The app will give you a code to use with your lock then assist you to forget it again by bombarding you with alternative codes. For the best chance to successfully forget you want to hold it in your memory for less than a minute so that the false codes will flush it out of your short-term memory. You can also read out the fake codes to enhance the effect.

Can I get out of a lock early?

You have the option of speaking to the lock owner to request an early release as they have the ability to cancel the lock at any time. If the lock’s settings allow you can also purchase keys via the app, the cost of which you will see for yourself when you load the lock.

AVA defaults to dropping a user out of a lock if any dispute arises. Any changes to lock settings will be clearly communicated and locks where a user chooses not to be contacted will never be tampered with.

If these options do not work the Chastikey app’s own team can assist you to resolve any issues.

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