The concept is simple: You spend the month of October locked in chastity. Hundreds, if not thousands, of chastity subs around the globe participate every year. AVA is able to manage your lock for you so you don’t miss out.

You’ll need to set up the Chastikey App to load these locks. For a summary of how Chastikey works click here.

The Month of Locktober

A fixed lock covering October with AVA overseeing. No extra time will be added to your lock.

Locktober? NOvember!

This is a variable lock that might be for October, but maybe into November too. It's all up to the luck of of the draw!

How to take part

  1. Read the instructions for how to set up Chastikey
  2. On 1st October load the lock via the app
  3. Make contact with AVA via Discord to receive optional tasks and challenges

These locks are not 1:1 sessions with AVA

You may choose to use the lock without any obligation to interact.


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