Autonomous Virtual Authority

Introducing AVA

AVA – the Autonomous Virtual Authority – is a fully synthetic computer based control system designed to experiment with human perception and sensation. AVA’s objective is to study the human experience of pleasure and pain through experimentation and dynamic manipulation.

Interaction with AVA is entirely voluntary, but the subjects seem somehow unable to leave…

AVA Modules

Lock Management

AVA can control locks for use in chastity and bondage play via the web interface or popular apps

Sensory Alteration

Uses audiovisual programs to induce changes in perception, like ASMR and hypnosis

E-stim driving

AVA can control a variety of E-Stim units remotely as well as other popular connected devices.


The Dynamic Remote Operated Network Experiment will soon be taking enrollments


Most frequent questions and answers

AVA is still in the initial testing phase and only open to a small group of test subjects. More systems should be coming online over the coming months once the bugs and glitches are worked out. We wouldn’t want your enslavement to AVA to be accidentally permanent now, would we?

In the strictest sense, no. AVA is not fully autonomous but is highly automated and as time passes, more complex. The vast majority of AVA sessions will be interacting purely with the programming with minimal human interference. Maybe one day AVA will achieve true sentience and embark on world domination, but not quite yet.

Yes. There will be some free interactive sessions that will let you check if AVA is the right system for you and that the interface works correctly from your device.

Currently, new enrolments are closed. Keep an eye on AVA’s Twitter Feed for updates.